Woodland returns with bardic set at FaerieCon West in Seattle

525236_10200558698399517_175198126_nWoodland is back!  For the first time since spring of 2011, Woodland returned to the stage with a powerful opening performance on Sunday evening at FaerieCon West before Faun. Introduced with glowing words by Robert Gould of Imaginosis, the band played a set of bardic songs spanning their years, including an a cappella introduction by Kelly Miller-Lopez of WB yeats faerie poem The Song of Wandering Angus. Kelly and Emilio then performed a duet of the first ever Woodland song, Heritage, followed by a a moving rendition of Donovan’s Voyage of the Moon featuring Kelly playing harp with cellist Adam Hurst, which they had performed with Donovan himself in summer of 2012 at Faerieworlds.  The set then proceeded with an array of other lyrical pieces including Cap and Bells, Thief of Sorrows, House of the Wind and The Joyful Sorrow.

Kelly and Emilio closed the set as a duet with the Hunter/Garcia composition for the Grateful Dead, Mountains of the Moon. Woodland’s set was followed by an amazing acoustic set by the pagan folk band Faun.  The entire evening was pure magic and the band is grateful to all who attended and listenend intently followed by rounds of rousing applause for both groups.  The band will be finishing their new album entitled Secrets Told over the next two months and will return to the stage this summer at Faerieworlds to close the festival on Sunday.