When Darkness Calls

When the darkness calls
raise up thine lantern,
when night wolves howl
raise up thy voice.
When the horned moon rises
raise up the lantern,
fear not the shadows
when the darkness calls.
When the circle stands
amongst the shadows,
lift up the flame
as a beacon of night.
For here within
her heart of darkness,
thine lantern burns
forever bright.

Round, round,
the rose and flame,
lovers of a thousand names.
Down, down,
within the dark,
the temple of
the flaming heart.
Here under the stars
hand in hand,
where half of the tree
lives under this land.
Where half of the story
has never been told,
Oh speak to us now
lost ways of old.

When darkness calls
illuminate the night,
for the deepest darkness
brings the brightest light.