Oh siren sing
of shores long lost,
to ghost ships led
by albatross,
on phantom seas
over foggy tides,
to shores unseen
by unworthy eyes.
Oh siren song
of sweet allure,
black morgen wings,
maids of mer,
rocking cradles,
on churning waves,
meet her heart;
or a rocky grave.
A humble voice
may reach the gate,
and cast thy nets
to the waves of fate.
Oh siren song
this heaving chest,
called to your heart
held to your breast.
Who will not take
nor dare to keep,
may know the treasures
of your hidden deep.
Oh siren sing
thy ghost ship home,
by wind and mist
over sand and foam.
A heart only gains
what a heart will risk,
oh siren song,
at the gates of mist.