Festival Mediaval


14 Sep 2014 Selb


Venue : Festival Mediaval


In the first of many big show announcements for 2014, Woodland has announced that the band will return to Europe to perform at Festival Mediaval in Selb, Germany along the Czech border next summer.   Woodland will play a feature set on Saturday, September 13th at the event, which is the biggest European festival in the field of medieval music. Festival Mediaval often features the likes of Omnia, Faun, Corvus Corax, Hedningrana and more, and this will be Woodland’s premiere appearance at the event.  More September 2014 Woodland event dates in the Netherlands and the UK will also be announced in the coming months here on the Woodland website.

Complete details and the full 2014 lineup will be announced at the Festival Mediaval website at http://www.festival-mediaval.com