Secrets Told

Band :
Title : Secrets Told
Release Date : June 21, 2013
Label :
Format : CD



SECRETS TOLD is a musical exploration of the myths, lore and legends of the ancient world.  The album is a rich, poetic tapestry that includes 13 tracks of original music featuring instruments from around the world including harp, hurdy gurdy, overtone flutes, cello, six and twelve string guitars, violin, bouzouki and a variety of drums and percussion instruments.  Our first CD since SEASONS IN ELFLAND: SHADOWS in 2010, SECRETS TOLD delves deep into new regions of inspiration and ancient landscapes of legend. Rich with romantic Mediterranean and classical themes and imbued with the mythos and folklore of Southern Europe, our music and lyrical poetry have incarnated within new songs and new instrumentation. The music of SECRETS TOLD is exotic and evocative, rhythmic and romantic, sensual and mysterious.