On John O Donoghue Passing

Romance is but a ghost tonight,
for the hearth has no host tonight,
the storyteller has become a tale
a cold season has shed it’s veil.
Mysteries of love and truth
like fallen flowers and starstruck youth,
have tumbled back to the earth this night
through a poet’s passing in a winter’s light.
Not a leaf that falls from a tree this day,
but a snowflake that falls by a cold dark night.
Stay awake, stay awake, the stars whisper.
Awake to catch this ancient light.
How the stars spoke to him
their eternal echoes finally heard,
Anam Cara to all who heard him,
Bringer of the holy word.

With thanks and gratitude to John O’Donohue
in the light the anniversary of his passing
January 2009