Use the small album cover links here to preview and purchase the songs in iTunes. Each album description below also has a link to buy the Eco-Disc version of the album. In accordance with Woodland’s vision, the album covers are printed on 100% Green Forestry approved stock with vegetable inks, with a recycled water bottle tray and wrapped in corn plastic.

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    secrets-coverSECRETS TOLD:
    For the last two years we have been writing and developing a new conceptual album called SECRETS TOLD, which is a musical exploration of the myths, lore and legends of the ancient world.  The album is a rich, poetic tapestry that includes 13 tracks of original music featuring instruments from around the world including harp, hurdy gurdy, overtone flutes, cello, six and twelve string guitars, violin, bouzouki and a variety of drums and percussion instruments.  Thanks to you, our Woodland community, the album will be an “independent” release, with Woodland retaining full creative control of the music and art, as well as direction over the reproduction, which will be a “Zero Carbon” eco-disc package. Our first CD since SEASONS IN ELFLAND: SHADOWS in 2010, SECRETS TOLD delves deep into new regions of inspiration and ancient landscapes of legend. Rich with romantic Mediterranean and classical themes and imbued with the mythos and folklore of Southern Europe, our music and lyrical poetry have incarnated within new songs and new instrumentation. The music of SECRETS TOLD is exotic and evocative, rhythmic and romantic, sensual and mysterious.



    Seasons in Elfland: Shadows explores the dark side of the seasonal wheel and includes guest appearances by the German pagan folk band, Faun, ethereal-gothic singer Priscilla Hernandez, Australian songstress Louisa John-Krol, Sigrid Hausen of the German band Qntal, Spanish pianist Hector Corcin, UK artist Wendy Froud and ghost cellist Adam Hurst and more. The album features original cover artwork by UK faerie artist and Woodland collaborator Brian Froud, and the disc includes original artwork by Welsh knotwork artist Jen Delyth.

    In addition to singer/songwriters Kelly Miller-Lopez  on harp and Emilio Miller-Lopez on guitar, the album also features the musical talents of drummer Ken Sokolov, bassist Donald Brodsky, violinist Kimmy Smith and percussionist Markus Johnson.


    Over their frst five years, Woodland released two homebrewed EP’s; HERITAGE and INTO THE TWILIGHT- which featured many original songs which were compiled in 2003, and re-recorded and digitally remastered for this full-length production. This album includes 13 tracks of Woodland songs, including a full electric rock production of the popular Faerieworlds thematic song “I Remember.” The album was recorded in Arizona with musicians Lily Swan, Carlos Jones, John Peckham and Angela Woods.




    The original Woodland EP Heritage was recorded in Emilio and Kelly’s low-fi home studio on an antique reel to reel 8 track recorder. Somehow the tape caught an unusual acoustic magic and opened a door into Faerie. The album contains several popular songs Woodland performs live including The Well, Midnight Ring, The Wild Wood and The Old Ones, as well as many obscure Woodland tunes including Mystery, Silent Dance and The Evening.