Golden Raven’s Eye

Golden raven’s eye,
in the dark of night,
on your wings I fly
to greet the dawning sun,
soar through falling stars;
in the core of my heart
you’ll spread your wings
to envelop my soul,

Bridge of many worlds
between night and day,
queen of twilight dreams
alighting to rescue me
from the endless fall;
out of dark withered trees
in falling leaves
we will spiral towards home.

Follow the leaves
into the night,
where behind the moon,
darkness takes flight;
follow the stars
through their only true home
to a depth so deep
only a mother would know,
just how far she must fly,
on ragged wings
through the darkest night,
to rebirth the light.

Golden raven’s eye
in the dark of night
in your heart I dream,
of days where I have been
one with earth and wind
a small stone in the stream,
of endless love,
nothing in between,
‘tween you and me,
in the home of us all.