Sleep, sleep, sleep again,
to unconscious lands.
Wander in the thoughtless stream
tower of the careless dream.
Sleep, sleep, sleep again,
oh the broken servants of waking day,
lost within the awakened rays,
take solace in the forgetful dream.

Sleep, sleep, sleep again,
turning from the blinding light.
in the serenity of mindless night
Take shelter in the heedless dream.
Sleep, sleep in her arms,
in her dreaming lands the lion is calm.
Where tooth and claw care not for light
Dream within her sleeping night.

Sleep, sleep, sleep my child,
worship not the ways of waking,
Feel the spell of daylight breaking
take refuge in arms of sleep.
Sleep, sleep, sleep my love,
in the harbor of oblivion,
unaware and innocent,
escape into the arms of sleep,
and dream.