Woodland is a bardic music ensemble founded by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalists Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez. For almost two decades Woodland has written, produced and performed an original songscape of poetic music that defies traditional genres. The 20 year journey has taken the band on a global adventure, from performances at medieval castles in Europe and sto psychedelic music festivals in the hills above San Francisco. The Woodland experience has also led to live and recording collaborations with celebrated musical artists including Donovan, Faun, Guilhem Desq, Martine Kraft, Priscilla Hernandez, Louisa John Krol, Qntal and Omnia, as well as creative collaborations with artists and authors including Brian and Wendy Froud, Jen Delyth and Raven Grimassi.

In addition to being the founders of Woodland, Emilio and Kelly also are the co-founders with Robert Gould of Imaginosis of the internationally renowned outdoor west coast music festival, Faerieworlds, and it’s east coast convention counterpart, FaerieCon. Over the years Woodland has performed on main stages at events worldwide including Castlefest in the Netherlands, Festival Mediaval in Germany, Arise Festival in Colorado, Elfia Arcen in the Netherlands, Trolls et Legendes in Belgium, The Labyrinth Masquerade in Los Angeles, An Evening in Elfland in Glas

In addition to the production of their latest work, entitled THE AFTERLIFE OF STARS. The new album is a musical and poetic exploration which delves deep into the bands roots in West Coast psychedelic music and culture.  The album will be released in winter 2022-2023. Woodland has also released a new collection of remixed songs from the first two albums “Heritage” and “Twilight”, as part of their 20th anniversary celebration.