Emerging from the misty old-growth forests of America’s Pacific northwest, Woodland is a mythic world fusion ensemble featuring the songcraft of guitarist Emilio Miller-Lopez and singer/harpist Kelly Miller-Lopez. For more than 13 years, Woodland has been enchanting audiences throughout the US and Europe with an ornate blend of original and traditional melodies woven with meaningful bardic poetry. Across the United States, Woodland co-produces large-scale themed events which are immersive concert experiences featuring vibrant lightshows, theatrical dance performances and live musical rituals led by their seasonal poetic invocations.

An American contemporary of renowned European artists like Faun (who contributed to their recent album “Seasons In Elfland: Shadows”) and Omnia, Woodland evokes a mystery both playful and dark, taking a trip though the unseen realms buoyed by the secret-spilling harmony vocals of Kelly and Emilio Miller-Lopez. The band’s music features a variety of folk and electric instrumentation, combining ambient and acoustic for an experience of potent live improvisational energy.  Woodland live concerts feature Kelly and Emilio on their array of instruments and voice, backed by acclaimed cellist Adam Hurst, bassist and didgeridu player Donald Brodsky, and drummer and percussionist Theo Halpert.

“Mythical, deep and dark, ambient with a slight jazzy twist. Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez have created their own mythical world, a place and a band called Woodland.” – Pagan Radio Network

Woodland has performed and headlined at events worldwide including Festival Mediaval in Germany, Elfia Arcen in the Netherlands, Trolls et Legendes in Belgium, The Labyrinth Masquerade in Los Angeles, An Evening in Elfland in Glastonbury UK, Earthdance in San Francisco, The Witches Ball in London, The Fairy Ball in Cornwall, England, The Good Faeries/Bad Faeries Masquerades on both US coasts, FaerieCon in Philadelphia and Faerieworlds festival events throughout the US.

“Woodland’s “Shadows” is a lament for the Goddess of the Realm in her suffering…a deep and meaningful recording”  – Donovan