Seasons in Elfland: Shadows

Band :
Title : Seasons in Elfland: Shadows
Release Date : 2010
Label :
Format : CD



Seasons in Elfland: Shadows explores the dark side of the seasonal wheel and includes guest appearances by the German pagan folk band, Faun, ethereal-gothic singer Priscilla Hernandez, Australian songstress Louisa John-Krol, Sigrid Hausen of the German band Qntal, Spanish pianist Hector Corcin, UK artist Wendy Froud and ghost cellist Adam Hurst and more. The album features original cover artwork by UK faerie artist and Woodland collaborator Brian Froud, and the disc includes original artwork by Welsh knotwork artist Jen Delyth.

In addition to singer/songwriters Kelly Miller-Lopez  on harp and Emilio Miller-Lopez on guitar, the album also features the musical talents of drummer Ken Sokolov, bassist Donald Brodsky, violinist Kimmy Smith and percussionist Markus Johnson.

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