Review of SECRETS TOLD from Witches & Pagans Magazine


by Amanda Lonsdorf

5 out of 5 Stars

A rhythm begins, pulling your inner heart into the world created by the song.  Then, a soft whispering voice begins, as if it were singing a song just for you to hear.  This is “Secrets Told,” a world fusion style album, by Woodland which offers an intoxicating musical experience. Woodland’s songcrafter/ guitarist Emilio Miller-Lopez and vocalist/harpst Kelly Miller-Lopez have been creating and sharing a blend of traditional world music styles together for over thirteen years in the U.S. and Europe.

Listening to their newest album will draw you into an exploration through mythic themes and evocative music.  The lyrics are not simply words, but poetry linked to the power of the music, creating an atmosphere of divine incantation. Each song sounds and feels like prayer. The music is not simply rhythm and a melody, but a swelling, changing, multi-layered and living entity, which enters your mind and heart. Words and music mix together to create a rich tapestry of emotions that carry you on a journey through each song.

The songs in “Secrets Told” range in mood from hauntingly dark (“La Bella Pellagrena’ and “Witches Cross”) to reverently joyful (“The Feast” and “Secrets Told”), sometimes even both in the same song (“Moon and Stars” and “Nightwatch”). This album of originals from Woodland is both a soothing and invigorating experience for the ear.