Oh when the circle of day is high,
and the fire fills the sky,
let the memory of what was lost,
return to our eyes,
let the poets speak the truth,
and let the truth come from the gods,
let the world be lit,
by all we forgot,

oh my father
did you forget her face
like those who turned
away from her grace
or did you hold her in your heart
and have to look away
as the children of the sun
lost their way…

When the day is longest,
and the sun burns into night
let her love that was lost
return to us the sight
oh lift up her chalice
and let the prayer go to the gods
let the world be renewed
by all we forgot

oh my father
were you blinded too
as so many spoke confusion
and worshiped it as truth
or did you keep her in your heart,
when the world forgot her name
and the children of the sun
began to fade

Oh when this circle of day has passed
Keep strong within your heart,
This vision that is shared
of what was lost in the dark
By the light of this day
Let us never forget again,
By the strength of your light,
Make bright the eyes of men,

Woe to this world
if we ever forget again,
keep her memory in your heart,
Hold sacred this her land,
When the fire is bright,
Let it burn into your heart,
For the one above never forgot…