Warm Winter Greetings from the Far Western Shore



From the Sunshine Coast…we escaped from the cloudy cold valley to the Yachats seaside this week and basked in the 65 degree sunshine by the great Pacific Ocean. We spent the beautiful day filming for our new “Angel of the Night” video, working on a newly expanded arrangement of our invocation/song The Rye-Wolf, and reveling in the perfection. Kelly played her amazing Fujara in the golden light, got lots of sun ALL over, and danced gracefully in the glittering waves…and at one point a seal came along and barked at us with a hilarious voice. Feeling so blessed 

A Beautiful Solstice and Yule to All

We are quietly working these winter days, to bring something to you that is very dear to our hearts. We are nearly finished producing the single of our original song “Angel of the Night”. Happy to announce that the release of this tune will be accompanied by our first official music video! So excited to share this vision with you all ” By wing and wind and wax and feather, our dreams and hopes are held together…..”

Woodland plays SOLD OUT Bad Faeries Ball at FaerieCon

On Saturday, November 8th, Woodland played a very special Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball featuring OMNIA ! The event was packed out the doors….Videos and Audio Coming Soon! Here’s the fiest pics:

Woodland 4

Woodland 1

Woodland 2
Woodland 5

Woodland 6


The bohemian PaganFolk band “OMNIA” revolves around the many varied compositions, stories and musical abilities of Jenny and Steve Sic Evans van der Harten. Together with their band consisting of the crazy Didgeman Daphyd Crow (slideridoo, vocals and percussion), Rob van Barschot (drums and percussion) and assisted by their amazing live-crew, they tour throughout Europe and beyond. OMNIA brings a musical message of respect for nature, personal liberty and freedom of thought and expression for all. In the words of Steve Sic: “Nothing is sacred, only nature!” Keep an eye out for the new album, “Earth Warrior,” out soon!



Emerging from the misty old-growth forests of America’s Pacific northwest, WOODLAND is a mythic world fusion ensemble featuring the songcraft of guitarist Emilio Miller-Lopez and singer/harpist Kelly Miller-Lopez. For more than 13 years, Woodland has been enchanting audiences throughout the US and Europe with an ornate blend of original and traditional melodies woven with meaningful bardic poetry. Across the United States, Woodland co-produces large-scale themed events which are immersive concert experiences featuring vibrant lightshows, theatrical dance performances and live musical rituals led by their seasonal poetic invocations.



Get your tickets, choose your side, or attend both…. if you dare!


Woodland returns to Europe to play Festival Mediaval


In the first of many big show announcements for 2014, Woodland has announced that the band will return to Europe to perform at Festival Mediaval in Selb, Germany along the Czech border next summer.   Woodland will play a feature set on Saturday, September 13th at the event, which is the biggest European festival in the field of medieval music. Festival Mediaval often features the likes of Omnia, Faun, Corvus Corax, Hedningrana and more, and this will be Woodland’s premiere appearance at the event.  More September 2014 Woodland event dates in the Netherlands and the UK will also be announced in the coming months here on the Woodland website.

Complete details and the full 2014 lineup will be announced at the Festival Mediaval website at http://www.festival-mediaval.com

Woodland plays two sets at Elfia Arcen in Netherlands

elfiaAs part of Woodland’s 2014 European tour, Woodland will journey to the Netherlands to perform two featured sets at Elfia Arcen, a mystical gathering at Castle de Haar in Utrecht.  We hope to see you there for this magical event!

Woodland set times will be:
SATURDAY SEPT. 20TH: 8:30-9:30PM
SUNDAY SEPT. 21ST: 5:30-6:30PM

Castle Gardens Arcen (near Venlo/ Monchengladbach)
Lingsforterweg 26
Arcen 5944 BE

Elfia is a festival that is focused on the expression of dreams.  Costumes are the most obvious way to shape these dreams. But they also go further than only costumes: music, photography, body art, body painting, vehicles… They are all opportunities to make those dreams reality.

In 2014 the themes of Elfia will circle around one of the biggest mythical figures in Western European legends: King Arthur. This myth is probably based on a real person that brought temporary peace to England after the Romans left the isle around the year 500 AC. In the second millennium Arthur grew out to almost messianic proportions. In September the event will focus more on the darker and more mysterious elements of the King Arthur stories: his relationship to witchcraft and magic. Or to personalise it more: to Merlin and Morgana.

Kasteeltuinen Arcen,
Lingsforterweg 26, 5944 BE  Arcen, Netherlands

Woodland plays New York Faerie Festival!


Fairies, elves and fantastic creatures gather in wooded hollows between the Finger Lakes and the Catskill mountains. With enchanting music and colorful pageantry they invite you to join them in celebrating nature’s wonders and the magic of imagination.

  • Walk the paths of the Wattlestone Garden and the Labyrinth…
  • Enjoy the play of jugglers, magicians and wandering minstrels; of puppeteers, actors and storytellers.
  • Eat wholesome local food.
  • Dance to live music from an array of fantastic performers.
    We will have some great new musicians as well as old favorites for 2013!
  • Meet with the Faerie Queen and her Court of marvelous characters.
  • Thrill to the jousting tournament as Sir Oak and Sir Holly compete for the right to escort the Faerie Queen.

With parades, processions and interactive performances throughout the day, opportunities abound to share in the pomp and pageantry of A Midsummer’s Dream Faerie Festival. From face-painted fairy princesses to wildly costumed characters of fantasy fiction, artful presentation abounds!

There will be a fashion show of woodland wearables featuring ensemble work from some of our festival clothing merchants. Guests too, who come garbed and glamoured may show off their look on the Faerie Fashion Runway… World-class face & body painters and maskmakers can work their wonders to perfectly complement your otherworldly ensemble.

A proud feature of our festival is a JURIED EXHIBITION AND SALE of handmade North American artwork and fine crafts. About thirty exhibitors will have been carefully selected for originality and craftsmanship in a balanced variety of media. We enthusiastically encourage you to support American artists and craftspeople.

In keeping with our festival’s family orientation, no alcohol will be served and visitors are requested not to bring or consume alcoholic drinks during festival hours.
To set a good example for the children, smoking will be kept to designated areas out of view, and smokers are requested not to leave butts on the ground but use the receptacles provided.

Woodland plays featured set at Pantheacon in California

Thanks to the many fans from California and across the country who joined Woodland at Pantheacon, the world’s largest and most indepth Pagan gathering this Winter on February 14th.

Details about the event are at:

Join the huge and varied Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Reconstructionist, Indigenous, spiritual and magical groups in education and celebration. As usual Pantheacon fill the whole hotel with over 14 function rooms for workshops, rituals, and presentations including 4 ballrooms for Vendors along with open house parties.

On line Conference Membership (with PayPal) is now open, but closes Jan. 15, 2014; after that sign-up on site. A pdf Membership form for printing and mailing has been posted. Mail must reach Pantheacon by Jan. 15.

Parking at the hotel is $5 a day for Members with their badges. Only hotel guests get in-out privileges. A shuttle van (rented especially for PantheaCon members) will go among the hotels.