For more than 19 years singer and songwriters Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez have been co-writing, producing and performing original mythic music and co-producing large scale live events for a global fanbase.  In addition to being the founders of the electric/folk hybrid band Woodland, Emilio and Kelly also are the co-founders of the internationally renowned outdoor west coast music festival, Faerieworlds, and it’s east coast convention counterpart, FaerieCon.

Over the years Woodland has performed on main stages at events worldwide including Castlefest in the Netherlands, Festival Mediaval in Germany, Arise Festival in Colorado, Elfia Arcen in the Netherlands, Trolls et Legendes in Belgium, The Labyrinth Masquerade in Los Angeles, An Evening in Elfland in Glastonbury UK, Earthdance in San Francisco, The Witches Ball in London, The Fairy Ball in Cornwall, England, The Good Faeries/Bad Faeries Masquerades on both US coasts, FaerieCon in Philadelphia and Faerieworlds festival events throughout the US.

An American contemporary of renowned European artists like Faun, who contributed to one of their most recent albums, “Seasons In Elfland: Shadows” and Omnia who they’ve collaborated with live on stage at various events, the band’s music features a variety of folk and electric instrumentation, combining ambient and acoustic for an experience of potent live improvisational energy.

Woodland’s next album, “Secrets Told” was a musical journey into mediterranean and classical themes, exploring the folk religion of the old world and the ancient mythos of southern Europe. Since 2017 the band has been immersed in the production of a new psychedelic album called “The Afterlife of Stars.”  The album delves into a completely new territory for the band, merging the band’s continuation of the bardic tradition with their roots as a west coast psychedelic band.

For almost two decades Woodland has been working in partnership with Robert Gould of Imaginosis, co-creating live concert events where mythic music and enchanting art find a crossroads. Together Imaginosis and Woodland founded Faerieworlds LLC, the company that created Faerieworlds and FaerieCon amongst other mythic events.

“Woodland’s “Shadows” is a lament for the Goddess…a deep and meaningful recording”  – Donovan

“Mythical, deep and dark, ambient with a slight jazzy twist.  Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez have created their own mythical world, a place and a band called Woodland.” – Pagan Radio Network